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This page will show you how to join and what is expected of you afterwards.

There are a few steps that you must follow to gain your position.


You must agree to the terms and conditions below.

For the purposes of this document the website WBAF may be referred to as 'us', 'we', 'I' or 'me'.

WBAF ( Warbirds Air Force ) is a free clan network along with Iencentrals Warbirds. Because we are free we hold no responsibility to provide the service. I do it out of my own heart. There is to be no minimum time emails take to return and no spamming.

Now lets get one thing straight. I am a seventeen year old living in Australia. I do not have a great deal of knowledge with cgi or java and this is my first clan I have ever made. Because I do not have much expertise I am counting on your help. In my directories I will have everybody listed under a page in alphabetical order. You are responsible to email me about your kills and the battles you encountered with the total number you have shot down or won. If anyone is found to be untruthful about anything they have placed down instant termination no matter what rank will be called upon.


As a part of the W.B.A.F. you must adhere ( obey ) any orders given to you from a higher rank, if this is not met, instant termination will occur due to insubordination. However if you are a higher rank you may only go to your powers extent.

You will be placed in a flight of my choice. But dont worry, Flights are just a way of making it easier for both you and me.

The main thing that separates WBAF from other clan websites is our exclusive ranking system. This allows better players to organize and help the less experienced players.


It is also suggested that all members acquire a new msn messenger hotmail account.